Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Scottish Adventure

Ok, So as you have all noticed by now I am awful at blogging. Well here are a few blogs that are great to look at to know what I've been up to. They are two of the girls that I spend a lot of my time with. They both went on the trip to Scotland with me and will have way more information that I do. One even tells the story of going to the wrong airport!!!

Scotland is the most beautiful place that I think I have ever been. The city is all very medieval. The old town looks like it is completely made out of castles. We stayed in a small hostel for one night and with one of the girls friends from BYU for the second. It was really fun! Staying in hostels is an interesting experience. Not only are you sharing a bathroom with about 20 girls but you are sharing a room with girls that come in late at night very drunk. Then there is the hangover the next morning. Needless to say I am very grateful that I don't drink. The guy that we stayed with was super nice. He has lived in Scotland for a few summers writing speeches for the parliament there but is going to BYU and graduates with from the masters in accounting program this coming spring. He showed us around and was very nice to put up with 9 girls taking over his life. He even made sure that we got on our train safe at the end.

The thing is that I don't even know where to start with this trip. SO much stuff happened. It was the craziest weekend of my life. This is why I have given you the two other blogs to look at (and I really think that you should).

Thank you for your prayers and love.

P.S. If you have questions please ask! I think that I do better at answering questions than I do at just writing about stuff.


  1. thanks for the "Scottish Adventure." You are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you and hope to hear more of the places you are visiting, as we would love to see the British Isles ourselves.

  2. Are you taking pictures? I know that you aren't posting them on a log, but I hope that you are taking pictures to bring home!

  3. Melissa, I miss you!!! I hope you're having an awesome time right now. :) I love you!