Monday, May 17, 2010

Things I've Learned In London...

1. Strangers don’t talk to each other. (I learned this the hard way when I tried to strike up a conversation with a man on the tube and he told me that people don’t talk to each other in England)
2. You can wear whatever you want as long as it doesn’t match.
3. The only fat people in London are Americans.
4. The English countryside is a beautiful and green as the city is dirty and smoke filled.
5. Buildings are very drafty! I have new sympathy for the sisters in Sense and Senseability.
6. They don’t tag their sheep, they paint a symbol on their rear ends.
7. Everything here is organic and they don’t believe in preservatives.
8. The church is the same everywhere you go.
9. Crisp = chips, chips = fries, biscuits = cookies.
10. Strangers call you love and dear. (particularly cashiers)
11. Most people in London aren’t British.
12. Produce is so much cheaper.
13. Children are so much cuter with accents!
14. You can do anything you want on stage as long as you call it art.
15. Everything is under construction.
16. Les Miserable is amazing!
17. Digestives are actually the best thing ever despite the name.
18. Umbrellas are a must because it always looks like rain. (and if the day starts out sunny it will rain!)
19. No matter where you go someone famous died there. (Winston Churchill lived and died just around the corner from where I’m living.)
20. Everyone smokes here.
21. Americans are generally not liked.
22. The city sleeps at night. The parks are even locked up after dark.
23. Children and strollers are everywhere.
24. Everyone has a very nicely groomed dog that is very friendly.
25. There are palaces everywhere. Like every few blocks.
26. Flowers grow like weed here, they are everywhere.
27. Everyone tells you about the rain but no one tells you about the wind.
28. Everyone with a camera is a tourist.


  1. Awesome list. :) I particularly like #19. And #2. And #26. Sorry about the strangers not talking to think they'd talk to YOU, at least. You're so cute. :)

  2. haha...this made me laugh. Good things to learn. I love you and am glad you're having fun!

  3. What's up with #17? We can't figure it out.

  4. But we are happy to see that you've written! Have fun in Ireland!

  5. I think digestives are a cookie and Melissa thinks they are the best thing ever. That's my guess.

    So much fun!

  6. Donna got it right. They are a "biscuit" and they are so yummy!

  7. I like to read about how the English language is different from the American language. I have been reading a book about a Chinese family living in Seattle during WWII. The parents wanted their son to be safe from racially prejudiced people, so they insisted that he use "your American." I have an English friend who used to confuse me sometimes. Example: Instead of saying nursery she said, "creche."