Friday, April 30, 2010

Hit the Ground Running. Don't worry if I fall there is a good looking Frenchman to catch me!

I have an interesting time here with food. First of all I hate spending money at the grocery store. It all just feels like a waste and I hate spending lots of money at once. But I'm starting from scratch so it didn't work so well when the first day I just bought stuff for sandwiches. That got old before 24 hours even passed. But now I have some more stuff and that is really nice.

In other news I have already seen 2 shows, been to class twice, seen Buckingham Palace, walked around Picadiliy Circus area, gone to the grocery store twice, been to the park, gotten lost on the tube, learned how to navigate the tube(!), gotten used to using the tube, taken a nap (it was very needed), and been asked out by a very attractive French actor! Yes, that's right. Tonight we went and saw a show that was directed by a very famous British Director (he wrote the book that Rodger teaches the directing class from at BYU) and I bought a program (you have to pay extra for a program for every show here. I don't like it) because it was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. When I bought it the lady said that sometimes the actors come out after the show and have a drink at the bar (there is a bar in almost every theater). So I waited around and the first one I see I ask to sign my program. He was really flattered and asked me my name and asked me if I was from the states and told me not to be embarrassed because he was French (they aren't very fond of Americans here, they think we are loud and annoying). Then we started talking about the show and how it was working with the director and stuff. Then he told me that the cast was all going out for drinks after and that I should come. He even gave me the location and said if I could come that I should. I was kind of blown away! He was really cute and very fit (that means hot here but his body was also pretty amazing. He had his shirt off at one point in the play and it was beautiful). I said I might and then I want and talked to 3 other actors and got them to sign my program. I don't think that people do that often here because they all seemed really surprised and flattered, one even said cheer to me! At any rate Rodger said I could go as long as I didn't stay out late, didn't drink, and took at least 2 people with me and preferably one should be a boy. Well I didn't even really consider it. It just didn't sound like a smart thing to do so I just went home with everyone else. But I still kind of got asked out by a hot French actor!!!

Tomorrow we are going to see Macbeth at the Glob theater. I get to be groundling (the people that stand around the stage) so all that really means is that I have to stand for all of a Shakespeare show. I think I might just die. Better yet we are starting the day with a country walk and then going to the show in the afternoon. So my feet will be sore already. Oh well, it will be fun.

I road my very first double-decker bus today! It was pretty cool. I don't see why more places don't have them, plus I love having stair in the bus! I have to say that I am loving my public transport pass. I feel like I can get anywhere and all I have to do it show my card. The tube and buses are all included so I can go anywhere!


  1. Public, Melissa. Public.

    Oh my gosh! What an adventure you are having!

  2. Yes, and how does that pubic card work? And for goodness sakes, quit showing it!! :D

    I read your post out loud to James because he is getting excited about his London trip. He is also going to see Macbeth at the Globe theater. But he is not a groundling. He is on level one.

    James says you should have gone out with the French actor because he's so "fit". (You need to be able to hear him say it with his gay accent)

    Keep the posts coming! They are fun to read!

  3. oops! I fixed it. You can't blame me I am writing these at midnight or one in the morning after being out and about all day. But I'm glad you got a laugh out of it.

  4. Oh and Anne! Be sure to tell James that Macbeth is amazing but to be aware that it is a little PG13. There is a lot of sexual parts and A LOT of blood. It is pretty crazy. But at the same time I'm pretty sure that it was one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen in my live. I think that he will love it but tell him to just be aware that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are much younger in this and have a far more... sexual relationship. Have him email me if he has any questions about that or anything else. And once again, Macbeth is amazing and I really want to know what he thinks after he sees it!

  5. Sounds like you and James are going to have a lot to talk about once he returns. He's seen two different live versions so he probably won't be shocked. It sounds like he is going to love it though. It makes me feel envious I didn't end up going with him. Maybe the next EF Tour. However, I think the next one James goes to is one his best friend (who is a history teacher) is setting up and that will be in Germany; a WWII theme. I am really interested in that time period though so I would jump at the chance to tag along. We'll see. It wouldn't be for a few more years.