Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Here!!

Well I just got through my first full day in London. It has been a little crazy to say the least. We got here yesterday and spent the day moving in and trying to figure out where to get food and stuff. Then we all got a well needed night of sleep. This morning we had class for three hours and then the rest of the day was for us to do as we pleased. A big group of us went and found our way around the tube and went to lots of cool places like Piccadilly circus, Buckingham palace, parks, and just wandering around in general. We ended the day by going and seeing our very first show in London!! We went and saw 39 Steps and it was amazing! I was really hoping it would be good and I thought it would because it has won a bunch of awards. Well it lived up to expectations! It was so much fun! It is a show with only 4 people, but between all of them they play 134 characters. It was brilliant. I really feel like it was a great way to start theater for us.

Sorry that this has been a fast message but it is midnight here and the jet lag is still messing with me. I am off to get some sleep and I will write again soon!


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